Our Services

Water Recycling using the Brine Box technology allows North Shore to provide 100% reuse of flowback, produced and related water for the oil and gas industry.  By focusing on taking the water, regardless of quality and treating it to a clean brine quality standard, the clean brine can be used in a host of uses throughout the drilling life cycling including hydraulic fracturing, drilling mud and completions fluids.

By focusing on modular technology, North Shore can bring the treatment to or near your site to reduce the transportation related costs that can be as much or more than disposal fees.  Additionally, North Shore can provide co-located or satellite locations throughout drilling regions to further reduce trucking and facilitate more effective water reuse.

Partnering with North Shore, many service firms can bundle the entire scope of work including trucking, pipelining and water recycling to offer their exploration and production clients "one stop shopping" for water management.   North Shore also offers real time water quality information in each Brine Box so that our clients know the influent and effluent water quality 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to ensure proper reuse.