About Us

North Shore Energy Services LLC has leveraged over 50 years of water treatment experience to develop closed loop fluid management services for the oil and gas industry.  The solutions, including Brine Box allow North Shore to provide comprehensive fluid management services for the unconventional oil and gas industry. By recycling the flowback, production or drilling pit water, North Shore's Brine Box converts your water liabilities into resources.

Our Services

North Shore Energy is a technological leader in the fluid management industry for the unconventional oil and gas industry. NSE provides turnkey fluid management solutions including: recycling of flowback and produced water, providing clean filtered completion fluid, on-site water and brine storage solutions and fluids logistics support throughout shale plays in North America. NSE also provides 24/7/365 water quality data management through it's proprietary and patent pending FrackView™ service.

Brine Box

Brine Box™ is a mobile, container-based system that can recycle up to 2,500 barrels per day(105,000 gallons) of flowback or production fluid and produces high quality brine capable for reuse in hydraulic fracturing operations capable of reuse in a range of on-site uses including; drilling, completion, workover and/or hydraulic fracturing. The Brine Box can be operated at a drill pad, at a terminal site, or a standalone site. NSE can combine multiple Brine Boxes for high capacity solutions up to 10,000 barrels per day.